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Advance Praise for Terrain of Loss

Andrea Camuto's beautiful, haunting photographs chronicle the struggles of Afghan refugees, particularly women, as they search for home in their war-scarred homeland. Her lens brings home the enormous toll three decades of upheaval have exacted on women and children. Her subjects are mothers who live in fear, children who wander through abandoned buildings and windy plains, the horizons of their lives tragically shortened. It is there, on every page, brought gloriously to life: the pain, the fear, the crushing despair, but also, the dim glints of hope, the small moments of grace.

—Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner


This harsh reality portrayed [in Terrain of Loss] is moving and true and beautiful.

—Bruce Davidson, Magnum Photos


Darkly elegant , despite the grim reality of its subject matter, Terrain of Loss displays the power of photography to go beyond mere art or documentary to connect the viewer emotionally to the desperate struggle to maintain humanity within the chaos that is Afghanistan today. Andrea Camuto's spare photographic vision insightfully captures moments that in their entirety leave one concerned, but even more, afraid for a world that would allow such things to happen.

—Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco


Harrowing and uncompromising, Andrea Camuto's war imagery in Terrain of Loss is elegant and minimal in presentation, profoundly impacting the viewer.

—Stephen Rosenberg, New York University Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions


Terrain of Loss: Afghan Exiles in Their Own Land
PUBLISHER: El Leon Literary Arts (April 2012)
  Andrea Camuto PDN Photo Annual Award

Andrea Camuto Terrain of Loss


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